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As more and more of our projects are registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) the Directors have decided to use the scheme as a tool to raise standards both on site and in the office, we aim to achieve this through supporting and working closely with all sites from our Head Office.

We have a Best Practice Acton Group who regularly meet to discuss common problem areas and identify ways to continuously improve.  We have appointed CCS Champions who visit sites regularly to ensure they are both compliant with CCS and are working to the Robert Higgins City Construction standard.

The major areas for improvement on all sites is to create a standardised model for the site compounds for all our sites by:

The use of Eco cabins which will reduce our carbon footprint as well as save money on heat and light.

The installation of pedestrian entrances and pathways to cabins.

Use of drying/changing rooms. Increased presence of informative posters for occupational health, environmental targets, and the Considerate Constructors Scheme. The use of notice boards around the site rules. Entrance gates onto the site segregating the working compound from pedestrian areas.

There are five main elements of the Considerate Contractors Scheme, and we build these into our projects from start to finish.  

  • Care about the appearance of the industry.

  • Respecting the community.

  • Protecting the environment.

  • Securing everyone’s safety.

  • Value the workforce.

We believe that making these small changes will greatly improve the image of Robert Higgins City Construction, as well as help us achieve better CCS scores.

For more information about the Considerate Constructors Scheme visit

This policy is subject to continuous monitoring and review to ensure continued improvement in our working practices.

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