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Robert Higgins City Construction Limited herein referred to as “The Company” is committed to providing a fully competent workforce on all its sites and offices.

This will affect ALL management and supervisory staff – whether employed directly by the Company or by members of our supply chain, who are engaged on our sites – and therefore must demonstrate competence in appropriate management, supervisory or technical skills including Health & Safety matters. The competence card system (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) provides a mechanism to verify individual competence and as such, all members of our workforce are required to hold the appropriate card. That means:

1. All site and office staff that have construction specific skills are required to hold a relevant competence card.

2. All site and office staff that do not have a construction specific skill are required to hold a regular visitor card.

100% of the Company’s workforce should fall into one of the following with personnel pursuant of reaching Category A.

1. Hold the appropriate competence card for their job role.

2. Hold a competence card, or recognised equivalent not specific for the role, this includes individuals holding a trainee or experienced worker card who are registered for an NVQ or undertaking professional competence assessment.

3. Have passed the relevant CSCS, H & S test and applied for their specific competence card and able to provide written proof.

4. Have booked the relevant CSCS, H & S test but not yet passed. Verification of competence required and assessed by the Site Manager via written permission valid for no longer than 3 weeks, before work can commence.

All sites shall hold a list of operatives and the cards held by each individual. The validity of these cards can be randomly checked by the Site Manager or third party using the CITB online card checker. Training shall be responsible for monthly checks regarding card expiry dates.

Every employee and member of our supply chain is required to support this Policy to ensure a fully competent workforce. Training will provide advice and our CSCS, health and safety team guidance to enable compliance with this Policy, which will be subject to independent audits via both our Health & Safety Team and Compliance.

This Policy will be reviewed annually, when circumstances indicate a change is needed or when legislation is introduced that necessitates change.

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