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Robert Higgins City Construction Limited recognise that our business operations, both within our Head Office and on our sites have an impact on the environment. The Directors and members of staff recognise and acknowledge their obligations to minimise its environmental impact and are committed to continual environmental improvement and prevention of pollution, through the implementation of our environmental policy.

Robert Higgins City Construction Limited’s operations are carried out with due regard to all appropriate and relevant legislation and regulatory considerations.

Specifically, Robert Higgins City Construction Limited are taking the following measures to reduce environmental pollution:

1. Protect the environment from physical damage around the boundaries of our sites.

2. Reduce noise pollution by ensuring that plant is properly silenced and is in good working order. All plant operator certification to Health and Safety Standard.

3. Ensure that waste products from building processes are disposed of by licensed disposal contractors at controlled disposal units.

4. Use materials only from well-managed sustained sources.

5. All company vehicles and equipment are well maintained, clean, operate efficiently and are regularly serviced.

6. Reduce the amount of office waste and re-cycle where possible.

7. Actively encourage our suppliers and sub-contractors to accord with our own environment concerns and policy.

Robert Higgins City Construction Limited’s Environmental Policy ISO14001:2015 Management System is reviewed annually with any changes in environmental legislation together with the resetting of its targets and objectives.

Robert Higgins City Construction Limited are responsible for low environment and ozone emissions that will lead to a more healthy office, site and workplace environment.

While we understand how important our goals are to the environment, this will be achieved using products that help the solution.

This policy is subject to continuous monitoring and review to ensure continued improvement in our working practices.

Environmental Policy PDF Read More

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