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Robert Higgins City Construction Limited recognises the importance of effective waste management in minimising the environmental impacts of our work and is committed to moving beyond legal compliance and has adopted the waste hierarchy at the heard of its waste policy, and will endeavour to meet the aims of the hierarchy through careful planning, monitoring and review.

Our project specific Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) are key documents in our drive to eliminate waste going to landfill and in finding new opportunities to reuse or recycle waste materials through efficient design and careful management of the construction process. Each SWMP will set out measures for minimising waste, maximising recycling and for dealing with problem areas; all designed to ensure that we meet or exceed our target waste recycling rate across all sectors.

At Robert Higgins City Construction, we have developed long-term strategic alliances with key waste service providers – using their feedback and information from site management returns we are able to record monthly recycling figures.

We will continually look for opportunities to reuse, reduce or recycle materials on or off site.

Initiatives implemented by the company to promote sustainable waste management practices include:

  • Endeavouring to order materials in the required quantities.
  • Training employees to handle and store materials to prevent damage and loss.
  • The roofing of bunded areas to prevent the creation of hazardous liquid waste.
  • The minimisation of disposable packaging for internal deliveries.
  • The re-use of surplus materials on and off site.
  • The avoidance of landfill disposal for reusable soils and aggregate.
  • The use of colour coded waste segregation posters and labels as promoted by DEFRA.
  • The sending of all non-hazardous construction waste (excluding soil and aggregate) to transfer stations.
  • The provision of waste related training to site staff.
  • Recycling of office waste streams.

This policy is subject to continuous monitoring and review to ensure continued improvement in our working practices.

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