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our people


We continue to develop excellence and innovation in all aspects of our operation while at the same time the boundaries of service level delivered to our clients, customers and partners are continually being extended.

 Our employees are at the heart of this approach and the recognition of our wider social responsibility we share our workplace with communities and the natural environment making it vital that we implement a sustainable business Best Practices across our operation. Combine the strength and abilities of all our employees to achieve.


From Left: Grace Daws, Emily Wilson, Liam Davis, Matthew Doyle, Audrey Bryce
Our goal is to ensure we never lose sight of the 
values, princples and foundation that 
make us all part of Robert Higgins.

From Left: John Moore (Senior Contracts Manager)  |  Brad Johnson, Tim Smith, Jason Andreas (Site Managers Team)  |  Jon Petrov (Site Engineer)

Our team priorities is to lead, construct, develop, refurbish and maintain. By putting our expertise
at the heart of all our projects ensures seamless expert delivery and hand-over
with the highest quality standards by Robert Higgins.

2 team members
Stephen Reynolds (Senior Project Manager)  |  Mike Bedford (Joinery Manager)

Client-led and project focussed within a 
complete end-to- end service 
provider Robert Higgins.


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