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Collaborative Partners Together

We are well-versed in successfully delivering projects, on time and within the agreed maximum price to the exacting standards set out by Clients. Our services can be engaged from initial conception to completion.

We are professional, focussed on providing the best safe environment project solution services.  We’re always striving for better, mutually beneficial outcomes.  Every project agenda is an opportunity to innovate, explore and competitively find a better way to deliver project services.  There are few industries that place such significance on collaborative partnerships as the construction industry.  This is crucial to operations throughout Robert Higgins City Construction, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards while staying on time and on budget.  From clear communication to total understanding of each party’s responsibilities, partnerships is the one of the keys behind our success.

Robert Higgins City Construction, like many others, works alongside numerous others in the completion of any project.  Architects, consultants, sub-contractors, other construction specialists, inspectors, clients – all need to be simultaneously to guarantee a successful finish.  If a partnership, culture doesn’t flow through these moving parts, the best-case scenario is a disappointing outcome – at worst, a building could be left unfinished and unsafe.

When looking for a main contractor that has a deep understanding of the complexity and importance of partnerships this is a priority of every client, consultant and architect.  We’ve learned a lot about what makes a successful partnership relationship through our vast experience as a principal contractor.

  • Never choose a contractor on price alone – it can be tempting to search for a bargain, but could prove a pricey mistake.  When making your choice, ask yourself this.  Do they bring value to your projects success, CDM, value engineering, risk management, method statements? All of these are essential elements to creating and maintaining a safe working environment, whether it be in the office or on-site.

  • Check their Health and Safety process – essential for the success of any project is health and safety plan.  It’s vital that your contractor has demonstrable competence in this area.

  • Robert Higgins City Construction, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unsafe working practices and consider a poor attitude towards H&S to be inexcusable.

  • Nurture open lines of communication – co-ordinating meetings, setting agendas, while our contractor must constructively communicate with you on a regular basis, ensuring that the lines of communication stay open is not their responsibility alone.

  • Pick proactive – unforeseen problems can beset any project, from supply delays to hazardous weather.  However, a quality main contractor will always have plans in place to prevent issues and, if a problem should arise, they will be able to show the steps they took to solve it.

  • Innovation – Robert Higgins City Construction will strive to identify technologies, processes and deployment activities which have the greatest potential to significantly advance the project productivity and competitiveness of our business.

At Robert Higgins City Construction, through our effective time management structure and systematic approach to construction industry, we ensure every person involved in the project is committed to completing it on time and on budget.  Our integrity, honesty, consistency and transparency remain our key cornerstone in partnering and constructing lasting relationships with clients, partners, customers, contractors and suppliers, ensuring project competency is completed with zero safety – safety programme.  Our experience and expertise ensures there is a cost-effective solution to your project requirements.

Interested in collaborative partnership or pricing with us on future projects? Get in touch by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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