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Robert Higgins City’s Modular Space can provide temporary modular solution and permenant building accommodation for a wide range of purposes, whether you are looking for a large open-plan space or an individual office, we can design and build the modular space to fit your needs. In a competitive market place where clients are looking for both value and speed of installation, our system, alongside recent Robert Higgins City's Innovation advances in our installation methods, have helped secure more work in both the residential and commercial sector.

We can install all areas that facilitate the functionality of any office, kitchen, canteen, reception, sale office, nursery, classrooms for school buildings and adult learning centres, clinical facilities, healthcare, science laboratory facilities, block accommodation, commercial buildings, public authority social and affordable housing accommodation, sports facilities, warehousing, workshops, private residential buildings and leisure facilities.

We provide support from the initial concept stage through to on-site construction, delivering innovative, sustainable, functionality, building designs efficiency, engineering expertise and pragmatic solutions.

Our modular housing development solutions include apartments, bungalows and houses, all with a fully-mortgageable, insurance-backed warranty.

  • Backed warranty.
  • Flexible design and full build service.
  • Speed - we deliver ready for use in just a matter of weeks.
  • Quality - we adhere to the same regulations as traditional build.
  • Risk cost and time scales are agreed upfront to avoid any disparity.
  • Efficiency, air tightness and thermal performance reduce energy use incorporating latest renewable technologies.
  • BIM related processes to deliver the following services and their benefits.
  • Reduce risk, reduce cost, reduce uncertainty, raise performance.
  • Fixed price turnkey solutions.
  • Quality product, materials and workmanship focus on value-for-money and customer care.
  • Establishing ISO 14001:2015 our approach to quality management and zero defects.
  • Shipping container New or used, Buy or Lease.
  • Shipping Container Fabrication to your design.
  • Refurbished portable cabins.
  • New portable cabins.

Our portable modular building can offer temporary and permanent solutions, designed to fit your needs and budget constraints. Whether we are building on a new site or expanding on your existing site, our impact upon your operational activities is significantly less than that of a traditional building site.

Due to the offsite construction of units, we incur minimal disruption to the environment and can install entire modular structures dramatically less than that of traditional building methods, with entire modular buildings being installed in a matter of days up to 50% reduction time. Our turnkey service takes care of all aspects from civil work, landscaping to electrical, mechanical, heating installation and decorations. Your modular accommodation can be fitted with all of the modern utilities that you would expect in a contemporary environment including data and IT installations, glazed partition work and bespoke fit-out flooring of choice. Façade can be contemporary or sympathetic to pre-existing.

We can either work from your floor plan if you wish to provide it, or using our experience and our employee knowledge, we can provide you with designs for several viable offices, work-space, accommodation options to choose from. We are experienced in providing valuable modular solutions in areas where space is at a premium, including modular buildings of a fire-rated construction when required by the local Fire Officer. We can also provide refurbished units at a reduced cost up to 70% to 80% on modular units reducing your cost.

Our modular buildings offsite production system and technical innovation BIM, BREEM, provide a more efficient, quicker, sustainable, procurement resulting in offering clients cost-effective, high quality and life-cycle well-being performance.

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