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Here are just a few comments that we've received from clients, over the years.

“Robert Higgins City Construction delivered our project on time and on budget, despite the start being delayed by one month due to ground issues. Robert Higgins radically revised the build strategy to save months from the programme, notably the time saving initiative method that freed-up other activities and system. To delivering exceptional quality with exemplary leadership skills.”

Brent Civic Property Development
Paul Baker CEO

“Robert Higgings have delivered an outstanding project. The comprehensive planning, regular contact and utmost commitment and professionalism at every stage have ensured that our new build was a perfect success.”

Lancashire Group
Mick Murray

“Rather than reporting problems, Robert Higgins consistently delivered solutions. Their foresight and suggestions enabled us to maintain programme and deliver the project on time.”

Blue bird Property Investments
John Martin

“Robert Higgins City Construction led by example on health and safety. The fact that we had zero accidents can be directly attributed to the conscientious teamwork by their managers and staff.”

General Media Leisure Group
Robin Batsford

“Robert Higgins City took on a project that was very challenging in terms of programme, site logistics and budget cost, but Robert Higgins’ ability to communicate all issues and foster a real sense of teamwork has set the benchmark in terms of stakeholder management and leadership.”

Peacock Virtual Systems
Peter Elliott M.D

 "The house was designed to comply not only with the German based Passiv-Haus criteria, but also the code of Sustainable Homes Level 6. Our reason for selecting Robert Higgins City was their commitment to the entire concept of building in an environmentally responsible way. As well as for their known professionalism. What we also received was a total commitment to support the project and to assist the client to make it happen in line with their vision."

Roger Evans Surveying Consultancy
Roger Evans, Managing Surveyor

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